One Piece, the hit anime by Eiichiro Oda, will be coming to Netflix this Friday!

The Straw Hat Pirates set sail for the island of Netflix.
What is this Netofurikusu Island you speak of?


On June 9, 2020; Netflix announced that they will be adding to their anime catalog by streaming One Piece starting this Friday, June 12. As a caveat though, Netflix won’t be streaming the entire One Piece anime. Instead, they will only be streaming the first 130 episodes for the time being. This will cover seasons 1-4, from the beginning of Romance Dawn all the way to the end of the Alabasta arc. It should provide new viewers with a good bite to chew on until Netflix finally begins streaming the rest of the anime.

One Piece sails into Netflix.
Huh, it’s really been 21 years since the start of One Piece? Man, I’m feeling the age.

If you’re wondering why Netflix chose this time to stream One Piece, wonder no further! It seems Netflix is building up hype for their live adaptation of One Piece by streaming the series that started it all. No release date has been announced, and it’s unlikely that we’ll get one anytime soon. Production for the initial 10-episode 1st season was set to begin in Cape Town, South Africa; but has since been halted by a certain viral pandemic.

A scene from Netflix's live action adaptation of "One Piece"...maybe.
The Straw Hats can’t be stopped by anything except pandemics.

Granted, I know fans (including me) are worried about this live action adaptation of One Piece, given how these things tend to end up as. Fortunately, Oda-sensei himself is apparently overseeing the production. Hopefully, this means that the live action will retain the spirit of the original, if not quite the look. I mean seriously Chopper, you ate the Man-Man Fruit. You don’t need to look like a realistic reindeer. But I digress, and I hope Oda-sensei fixes that little hiccup.

A Tweet from Oda-sensei telling us some important info about "One Piece's" live action adaptation.
Eiichiro Oda, lend us your power and don’t let this live action adaptation suck!


Netflix is streaming One Piece, but not all of it. It’s also basically an ad for their upcoming live action adaptation. One of them, at least. Well, it could be better, but it could be worse. So check Netflix’s catalog this Friday to catch the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates from the very beginning.

Source: Netflix