Castlevania was a video game from the 80s but it’s now a beloved Netflix anime series. We’ve been waiting with baited breath for any news of the third season (which was greenlit almost a year ago.) We even trekked all the way to New York Comic Con 2019 to interview the cast for any tidbits they could throw our way. Unfortunately, James Callis, Graham McTavish, and Alejandra Reynoso are cruel human beings who laughed in the face of our pleas for any news of Season 3. 

Graham McTavish, who plays (played?) Dracula in the series, gave us a hearty Dracula chuckle when we urged them to tell us all about the new season. “No, we can’t. There’s gonna be no discussion about it at all,” he said. See? Cruel. 

Will we see Dracula in Castlevania Season 3?

We pointed out that Dracula died at the end of the Season 2 but Graham was still hanging out. Is it just because he just enjoys James and Alejandra’s company so much? Or is it because Dracula will be making a return in Season 3? Again, Graham stonewalled us and gave us absolutely nothing. Not. A. Thing.

Dracula; Castlevania
Image: Frederator Studios/Netflix

It wasn’t all tight lips and gag rules with the Castlevania cast, though. Things turned sweet and sentimental when we asked what made the show so appealing that even someone who has never played the video game or watched anime could enjoy it. Graham, finally redeeming himself, obliged perfectly.

“The show itself I think addresses all sorts of universal themes really. Love, grief, loss, family, things that connect everybody. And the fascination that people have with vampires particularly is as old as people have been telling stories. So I think it has a really strong appeal still. In fact, possibly more now than it has for many years. And the animation and the writing! And the wonderful work of people like James and Alejandra.” 

Alejandra Reynoso (right) yucks it up with cast mates James Callis (left) and Graham McTavish (middle). (Image: JJ Goodman/That Hashtag Show)

Now, this interview was conducted before the Saturday Castlevania evening panel. Sadly, the panel didn’t reveal much about the upcoming new season. However, a new teaser scene featuring Sypha and Trevor was shown.

Hey, look at that! We got our tidbit after all.