Not all the witches burned during the Salem witch trials. Now, generations later, their descendants protect their ancient secrets. An Unkindness of Ravens tells the story of Wilma, a teenage girl who gets caught up in the witchy ways of the Ravens.

An Unkindness of Ravens #5

Check out our spoiler-free review of the fifth and final issue of An Unkindness of Ravens below. (Need to catch up? Read about the previous four issues here.)

An Unkindness of Ravens #5 Review

The final issue of An Unkindness of Ravens is the twistiest, most dramatic installment of the series by far.

Seriously, just about every page drops a new revelation. Issue #5 really brings together the threads from the earlier stories, especially when it comes to the relationships and inner workings of the townspeople. By the end, we finally know whose side everyone is on – Survivor or Raven – and not everyone lands where you expect! I love that the story kept the surprises coming straight through to the end.

Since this is the final issue of the series, I also want to say how impressed I am with the art in An Unkindness of Ravens overall. The character design for this series has been incredible. Everyone looks so distinctive, but so cool, all in their own way. And I love the extra touches to the coloring in different scenes to add to that magical feel. If you’re a fan of witchy media, you’ll enjoy the vibe in Ravens.

However, I do have a complaint about the ending of Ravens, which is… it doesn’t really feel like an ending.

I’m not talking about the open-ended nature of the epilogue. (I actually really like that.) To me, this issue felt like the penultimate chapter of a story, not quite the final one. I think it’s because there were SO many reveals. It was quite exciting to experience all the twists, but everything screeches to a halt immediately after they’re revealed. It doesn’t leave you that time for catharsis – to really FEEL all the ramifications of the betrayals. And of course, we hardly get to see Wilma confront these revelations at all. It’s just not as satisfying as it could have been.

Still, overall I really enjoyed An Unkindness of Ravens. The magic is fun and the mystery is compelling. If you’re looking for a quick witchy series, this one is worth checking out.

You can pick up An Unkindness of Ravens #5 now from Boom! Studios to complete your collection.