Marvel’s Avengers, from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, is due out next year for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. By the time it hits shelves Avengers: Endgame will be over a year old. Unfortunately, in the MCU we’ve said goodbye to some of our favorite characters Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and Natasha Romanoff. Enter Kamala Khan also known as Ms. Marvel, who Marvel Games announced will be the sixth playable character during NYCC 2019.

At the NYCC 2019 announcement developers stated that Kamala Khan would essentially be the main protagonist of the game. Actress Sandra Saad, who appeared in Rage 2 and Fallout 76, will provide the voice and motion capture portrayal of the character. She will join Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Thor, as she learns to control her polymorphic powers. Check out the NYCC 2019 announcement trailer below.

Perfect Ms. Marvel Tie-In

With Kevin Feige having recently announced at D23 that Ms. Marvel would appear in a new live-action television series on Disney+, this is a perfect time for the Games divsion to start tie-ins. Of course the question is are the video games going to be canon? More importantly is Sandra Saad portraying her in the video game foreshadowing that she will be tapped to play her for the live action series?

Ms. Marvel

For those unfamiliar with Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, here is a brief character history. Khan made her first appearance in Captain Marvel No. 14 (August 2013) before going on to star in her own solo series. In the comic books, Khan is a teenage Pakistani American from Jersey City, New Jersey with shape shifting abilities. She discovers that she has Inhuman genes in the aftermath of the “Inhumanity” story line and assumes the mantle of Ms. Marvel after her idol Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel.

Marvel’s Avengers will be available for your favorite console or PC on May 15, 2020.