Netflix recently released a trailer for its upcoming original, Fractured, starring Sam Worthington. The series will release October 11, so check out the action-thriller trailer below:

Fractured due out Oct 11

A Family Lost

In Fractured, Sam Worthington plays a father who, with his wife, brought in their daughter after a falling injury. His daughter and wife go through a door….and become untraceable. The hospital and staff find no record his wife and daughter ever checked into the hospital. Now he must do everything he can to find them.

This seems to be an ongoing theme amongst the streaming services. Many entries across all platforms seem to be highlighting movies of this type. The trick with most stories, comes from finding a new and riveting way to tell the story everyone else has told.

Fractured Driving Forces

Sam Worthington looking for his family
A Father Looks For His Missing Family

Sam Worthington stars as the father in this series. While he never quite broke through, starred in some major blockbusters such as Hacksaw Ridge, Clash of the Titans/Wrath of the Titans, and Terminator Salvation. He also starred in the first of James Cameron’s Avatar movies. He’ll return for the sequels, supposedly releasing Christmas 2020.

Brad Anderson directs this new Netflix original. Previous projects of Brad’s include 2 episodes of Titans, Forever (3 episodes), 12 episodes of Fringe, as well as The Machinist, starring Christian Bale. Expect riveting drama and suspense from Anderson’s latest project.

Where Will They Go With the Story?

The cool thing about Fractured and shows like this, when done well, is that you never know where they will go. Will the show stay inside the hospital? Or will circumstances take the show to fields and cities beyond where it started?

In the end you know something strange is going on. Does the government cause the issues, or could the show reach into the depths of space? Anything is possible and the more license streaming services get with their shows, they will cover all the bases just to be different.