Well, I never thought this would happen, but: Wendy’s and Critical Role are teaming up for a one-shot. Yes, that is correct, and no, you’re not reading this wrong. Wendy’s did post a tweet about this as well:

So, this Thursday, in place of the normal Thursday episode of Critical Role, this Wendy’s sponsored one-shot is happening instead. CR cast member Sam Riegel is DM for the game, so hijinks could and probably will happen.

Joining his as his players will be: CR DM Matthew Mercer, and CR cast members Marisha Ray, and Liam O’Brien. Ify Nwadiwe will also be joining the table.

As for what to expect for this one-shot, there is not much info about it. The game system of choice has not yet been announced either, so this will be a surprise for everyone who will be watching.

The one-shot is set to air live this Thursday, October 3rd at 7 PM Pacific on Critical Role’s Twitch Channel. VOD will be available to Twitch subscribers right after the stream. And the stream will go live on Critical Role’s YouTube Channel next Monday, October 7th.

Let us know what you think of this partnership in the comments or on Facebook. The partnership sure is a weird one, but it could be super interesting how they go about it. It’s an exciting but strange team-up. The pair should at the very least excite fans of Critical Role.

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Source: Comic Book