Transformers Galaxies 1 begins a new tale. Where it goes remains to be seen, but the tale starts with the origins of a legend. A small group of transformers, who simply did their jobs, until a greater calling brought them a greater form and even greater power – the Devastator.

Transformers Galaxies 1: Cover 2 Cover

Of course this being a #1 in today’s world, Transformers Galaxies 1 comes with an enormous amount of covers. The sweet thing about these covers lays in the fact they are all either the Constructicons on Devastator himself. Each takes their own unique look at the combiner and does an excellent job executing the images.

A Simple Beginning

Transformers Galaxies 1 gives us great insight into the early days of the Constructicons. They were a simple team of newer bots that thrived in their assignment of building. They helped rebuild Iacon after the war of the three fold spark. In present day (for this issue anyway) they work to finish the Mayalx energon processing planetoid. They yearn to return home to Cybertron, yet they refuse to give up their difficult task of finishing the processing center.

Time jumps back and forth between present day and a time when they were new. They still sought to prove themselves and the job they can do. They work their plans to rebuild Iacon, but then Scavenger turns up a long lost relic – The Enigma of Combination. By working together they form Devastator for the first time.

Devastator – One Mind. One Purpose

One of my favorite things about Transformers Galaxies 1 is how it shows us what the Constructicons must do in order to hold the form. We see the Constructicons working well together, but at the same time they display very different personalities.

Once they form the giant combiner, all six robots must focus their wills and act as one in mind and purpose. They cannot focus on their individual wants and desires. They must surrender themselves to the greater collective consciousness in order to maintain Devastator. When the individuals cannot do this, they break apart.

Transformers Galaxies 1: Familiar Faces Return

Another thing I love about the way this story is told, is the two bots overseeing the birth of the giant. The two in charge of the rebuilding of Iacon are none other than Wheeljack and Tergamax. Wheeljack seems to be in the center of anything being built in the G1 world. He doubts the wisdom in letting the Constructicons uniting, but their strength wins him over quickly.

The other face belongs to Tergamax. We know very little about Tergamax. She does not belong to the original G1 story line, but for those reading Transfomers: A Bold New Era, she founds the Ascenticons and their mission to change Cybertron. Megatron later corrupts the movement into the Decepticon movement, but he constantly references Tergamax and her ideas. Here we begin to see the beginnings of her mindset as she talks about rebuilding Iacon and Cybertron into a bold new vision.

The Corruption Begins

The Constructicons seem to be a cool group of bots, so how do these six builders turn into one of the most destructive forces in the Decepticon arsenal?

We see that on Mayalx, they yearn to go home and discontent grows while they attempt to finish the project. Observing the discontent, concealed in the shadows, sits the Insecticon Bombshell. Bombshell just happens to have a way with mind control.