With the release of The Mandalorian hitting Disney+ on November 12th STAR WARS fans around the galaxy can’t hardly wait. Well, even though we will not be getting any Boba Fett in the show, Lucasfilm did give us a little Fett news this week with the release of some concept art of this famous but short lived in the films bounty hunter.

Boba Fett

Joe Johnston’s Boba Fett

When you first look at this concept art you see there wasn’t a lot that changed when Boba Fett was introduced on September 24th 1978 in the San Anselmo Country parade in California. Joe Johnston’s notes on Boba Fett point out a lot of the features that stayed with Fett’s Mandalorian armor. From his rocket-pac and range finder to his utility belt and armor piercing rocket it is all there. But one thing you do notice in the drawings below is that is different is the boot spikes. Even on paper as a concept Boba Fett looked pretty bad ass.

Will we ever see Fett again?

For a character that did not have much screen time and just dumped into to Sarlaac Pit in The Return of the Jedi his popularity just grows and grows. STAR WARS fans everywhere want more Boba Fett. When will Disney and Lucasfilm give us more Fett or at least the official answer on if he is alive or dead? Well, until that happen at least we are still getting The Mandalorian to either help cure or add to our Fett-Addiction.

Boba Fett
Boba Fett 1978 San Anselmo County Fair parade

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