The Walt Disney Company is continuing to grow and evolve their Disney Parks attractions globally. The House of Mouse has figured out a formula for also driving content through the roof on Disney+. There are so many beloved stories and attractions, in fact, that Disney is combining the two divisions with a slew of attraction-based content across its media platforms. Multiple Disney Parks attractions are making their way towards the big screen…. And now to Disney+, as well. Today, e are going to dive in a bit deeper into what fans can expect . So let’s get to it!

Disney Parks: The Jungle Cruise

The classic and beloved Disneyland attraction that was part of the grand opening in July 1955. It’s changed drastically over the years including recent changes to include more cultural awareness . The changes are being done for both over at Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts. Now, a film based on the ride starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Emily Blunt, and Paul Giamatti is on the way. It arrives July 30th, 2021. As this film has been long awaited and was on hold due to COVID-19, it will be available in both theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access for $30 dollars.

The Jungle Cruise will be opening up first at Disneyland Resort on July 16th. Source: (© Disney)

Disney Parks favorite: The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is considered one of the most iconic and legendary Disney Park attractions ever made. This beloved dark ride attraction exists at almost every park globally (except for Shanghai). The original attraction opened up it’s doors on August 9th, 1969, the premise of the attraction being a retirement home for ghosts. Its them was silly, whimsical, and yet spooky. Director Justin Simien, who directed the 2014 Netflix film. Dear White People, is plotting a new course for the attraction with an upcoming film adaptation. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Simien is in early talks to adapt the beloved attraction to the screen. Plot details are TBA. Katie Dippold, who wrote 2016 reboot take of Ghostbusters, is also attached to the project.

Source: (© Disney)

The Hollywood Tower of Terror

If you see yourself on the dark side of Hollywood in middle of the night, you might be a victim of the Twilight Zone. Another iconic Disney Park attraction, The Twilight Zone’s Hollywood Tower of Terror, has been fan staple for years. The original Tower of Terror had the famous host from The Twilight Zone series, Rod Serling, greet guests in the pre-show in an abandoned hotel library on a television screen. As lighting struck the hotel, guests vanished into thin air without any trace of their existence.

Source: (© Disney)
Scarlett Johansson is staying within the Disney family and to take on the adaptation of Hollywood Tower of Terror. Source: (© MTV)

Now, Black Widow herself (a/k/a) Scarlett Johansson) is taking up a new film adaptation of the Tower of Terror. She will star and produce the film with her production company, These Pictures. Josh Cooley (Inside Out, Toy Story 4) joins as writer and director