One thing you can always count on with STAR WARS fans is that they can take one of the smallest details from a movie and make it a huge deal. We see it all the time especially at Comic-Cons and STAR WARS Celebration. From Willrow Hood to Han Solo’s lucky dice, fans have found a way to celebrate the small things that are hardly anything in the movies. Well, this year, STAR WARS fans took it one step further and made one person famous that never spent a minute on screen. If you were at STAR WARS Celebration this year you probably saw the cosplay of this person… the Pink Shorts Boom Guy.  

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Pink Shorts Boom Guy

So, if you are a STAR WARS fan and you are on Facebook you have more than likely seen the picture of Pink Shorts Boom Guy. It came from a behind the scenes photo on the set of STAR WARS: A New Hope. There you see Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) with his Droids and his Landspeeder.  Off to the right you can see the production crew at work, but the one thing that really sticks out is the guy working the boom-mic. It wasn’t just the boom-mic that stood out, it was that he was shirtless and wearing really short pink shorts.

Pink Shorts Boom Guy

Who is this mystery man?

Pink Shorts Boom Guy does not appear in the credits so his name has been a mystery for years. Well that mystery has finally been solved thanks to ABC News. They were able to track down this man of mystery and now we have a name to go with the shorts, he is a 90 year old man named Ken Nightingall. This is what Nightingall had to say about the new popularity of his role in making the film:

90-year-old Ken Nightingall is seen in this May 2019 photo in London, England.

“I think it’s very nice. They Seem to like it. Good for them.” Nightingall also said, “Tunisia may not have Tatooine’s twin suns but it sure felt like it. It was very, very hot,” and because of this is why he picked his wardrobe of the short pink shorts that we will never, never forget.

Pink Shorts Boom Guy
Photo thanks to Steve Copeland

Cosplaying Pink Shorts Boom Guy

So if you were at STAR WARS Celebration or even SDCC this year I’m guessing you ran into this cosplay outfit, (or should I say the lack outfit) a few times. This is one costume that wont break the bank and will be the highlight of your con. A good friend of That Hashtag Show, Steve Copeland, told ABC News that with clothing and props the whole thing cost him less than $60. So get out there, it doesn’t matter if you are Male or Female, get your Pink Shorts Boom Guy outfit ready for your next comic-con.

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Pink Shorts Boom Guy
Steve Copeland and Myself (STARWARSNERD574)

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