Everybody knows San Diego Comic-Con for its star-studded panels, amazing cosplays, and more lines than you can find at Disneyland.

However, every Friday night of Comic-Con is dedicated to ‘geek couture’ at the Her Universe Fashion Show.

A SDCC Tradition

Her Universe is the brainchild of Ashley Eckstein. She’s an actress who’s known for voicing Ahsoka Tano in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Eckstein saw a void in geek culture and wanted to get rid of “the days when women had to be content with ill-fitting t-shirts designed for men.” Her Universe was born, creating geeky-themed apparel primarily for girls and women.

Now, when you walk into the The Her Universe Fashion Show, you’ll notice that the stage, lighting and overall production looks like it’s straight out of New York Fashion Week. However, once the fashions hit the stage there’s no doubt that you are at Comic-Con.

Twenty-four designers walk their fashions down the runway and the designs are inspired by everything geeky. From Game Of Thrones chainmail jackets to Marvel Cinematic Universe bodysuits to even a Scrooge McDuck formal gown, geek fashion is on full display.

When Dino’s Ruled The World

However, we are excited to say that a gorgeous Jurassic Park dress took home one of the top prizes!

“Destination: Isla Nublar” is a gorgeous ivory dress adorned with palm leaves, tropical flowers, and, of course, dinosaurs. It was designed (and modeled!) by Adria Renee who scampered onto the runway with margaritas in both hands, an entertaining homage to that infamous Jimmy Buffet scene in Jurassic World.

But! As if the design couldn’t get any better, when Renee walked away from the crowd she unfurled her wrap shawl and revealed that it read “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth”. The crowd went nuts since they recognized the words from the iconic finale of the first Jurassic Park movie.

Renee was the Judges Winner but The Her Universe Fashion Show actually has two winners.

The Audience Winner was Sarah Hambly who designed “Bodak Greek”, a jeweled bodysuit with over 121,000 hand placed crystals, wide brim hat and voluminous skirt. Hambly says the look is inspired by both Marvel’s Loki and Cardi B.

Both Renee and Hambly have won the opportunity to work with Her Universe and Hot Topic to design an upcoming line of geeky apparel that will be available to the public. Previous winners have gone on to work for Marvel movie productions, continue designing for Her Universe and/or Hot Topic, and return to the Fashion Show as judges.

Congratulations ladies! Well deserved!