The Boys

The Boys is the latest series to be brought to the Amazon Prime service, based off the Garth Ennis comics series of the same name. Amazon showcased the show at SDCC 2019 this year, and invited me to have preview the first episode before it airs July 26 on the service… And boy, are you in for a treat. Just the with the opening few minutes you know you’re not going to be watching your typical comic book series.

The Boys: Not your typical comic book series

Karl Urban (Butcher) and Jack Quaid (Wee Hughie Campbell) both agreed that there will be many episodes that will shock most people. Mainly with how realistic it is to have these superheroes living in the real world and being real people. But also accidents will happen, which make for some interesting scenarios. One of those problems you can catch in the trailer for The Boys.

The series The Boys premieres on the Amazon Prime streaming service July 26.