Despite his minimal screen time and untimely death at the hands of a blind man with a stick, Boba Fett remains one of the most popular Star Wars characters ever. He’s so popular that there will be a slew of Fett collectibles available at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego later this week. The holy grail of Fett collectibles, however, the Boba Fett prototype with firing rocket, recently hit the auction block. Its price was already staggering. The winning bid was even more so.

Boba Fett Prototype
(Image: Hake’s Auctions of York)

According to the news website, the Boba Fett prototype sold at a July 11th auction for a whopping $112,926 (US). Hake’s Auctions of York put the figure up for bid and certainly cashed in. According to Hake’s Auctions officials, “[t]he 3.75 inch action figure was a prototype” that was supposed to be “a part of Kenner’s licensed toy line for the 1980 release of the Star Wars sequel The Empire Strikes Back.

Boba Fett prototype is highest priced Star Wars toy sold at auction… ever.

It’s not unusual for Star Wars memorabilia to sell for high prices at auction. Back in May we reported about a Bib Fortuna protoype selling for over $46,000 (US). Likewise, another Boba Fett figure (among others) went to auction in February. However, this Boba Fett prototype selling for so much was a record-breaker. Never before had a single Star Wars toy ever sold for more.

Boba Fett; SDCC 2019
On a budget? You can get this Boba Fett at SDCC 2019 for a mere $27.00. (Image: Hasbro)

Now, there are a lot of things I could buy for a hundred grand given the opportunity. As big of a Star Wars fan as I am, even the Boba Fett prototype wouldn’t be among them. Plus, if I had that much to spend, I’d probably go all in on something like Han Solo’s blaster, or another screen-used prop instead. Still….

As the article mentions, the Boba Fett prototype “was originally put on display at the 1979 New York Toy Fair, but it was never mass produced.” That is a pretty cool piece of Star Wars history to possess, if you can afford it.