Comic-Con International 2019 at San Diego (SDCC 2019, for short) arrives in just two weeks! The event is without a doubt one of the most popular Comic-Cons world-wide. This year it will once again live up to its reputation for having some of the best, exclusive collectibles available. If you’re a Star Wars fan, there will be a veritable bonanza of items to purchase and collect. If you’re looking for Boba Fett collectibles this year, however, you’ll be especially happy.

Boba Fett Collectibles
Image: Funko Pop!

Funko Pop! has paved the way for Star Wars collectibles these last several years, leading to an entire secondary trading market of the bobble-head figures. You’re likely going to have arrive early and act fast if you want to get your hands on what is sure to be one of the most popular Boba Fett collectibles this year. Feast your eyes on the green, chrome Fett, a shared exclusive with Amazon. It will be available for $15.00 at Funko’s booth, Number 5841.

Boba Fett collectibles aplenty at SDCC 2019

Boba Fett Collectibles
Image: Monogram

Feel like showing off a little Boba Fett pride wherever you go? Monogram is offering a set of Fett bag clips for $25.00. This trio of Boba Fett collectibles even features the white prototype for the character. Joining the prototype are the original Fett as we knew him in The Empire Strikes Back, as well as dear old dad Jango. You can find this set at Monogram’s booth, Number 3645.

Boba Fett; SDCC 2019
Image: Hasbro

The real prize, however, is going to be a retro Fett from Hasbro. The company takes Boba Fett collectibles back to the Kenner days with a new, 6-inch Black Series figure. Venture over to Hasbro’s booth, Number 3329, for a little Boba Fett nostalgia. Painted in the original Kenner color scheme, this Boba Fett will be available for $27.00.

Of course, these won’t be the only Boba Fett collectibles available. There will be plenty, and plenty of Star Wars merchandise in general, for fans to choose from at SDCC 2019. To see more of the Star Wars exclusives, follow this link to

Otherwise, we’ll see you in San Diego!