What does Bib Fortuna now have in common with Jawas and Boba Fett? Yes, they all liked to hang out with Jabba the Hutt, but that isn’t the only thing they have in common. They are now among some of the highest priced Star Wars figures ever sold.

In an article I wrote in March “STAR WARS: Top Ten Most Valuable Toys,” you can see how the popularity of this iconic franchise as driven the prices up on some of the hardest to find figures in the Star Wars universe. You also may remember last year a Star Wars collection valued over $130,000 went up for auction in Dudley, England.

Bib Fortuna sells for higher than expected

So now with the popularity of Star Wars growing bigger and bigger by the minute, it is no surprise that this Bib Fortuna sold for over $46,000. Now this was no ordinary Bib Fortuna figure. This was a 1980s master model also known as a prototype. This figure was sold by a former Palitoy’s European tooling manager. It is amazing that this had stood the test of time and didn’t get thrown out like other figures similar to it.

Wait there are more

What is even more amazing about this sale is that the Bib Fortuna protype wasn’t the only one this individual had. According to the bbc.com article, a Royal Guard sold for over $37,000. Also coming in right behind that was a Logray that sold for over $15,000. The auctioneer Kathy Taylor had this to say about the auctions:

“The three relatively unknown characters had beaten all expectations. It is amazing [the models] survived because a lot of people would not have kept them. I do not believe [the seller] realized their value or importance to the hardened collectors who want anything to do with the history of a toy.”

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