Summer hiatus for Power Rangers Beast Morphers is still in full effect but fear not, some new details for Episodes 9 & 10 have emerged.

Previously, there was a rumor for what the title of Episode 9 is going to be. This has since been debunked and the actual title has been revealed.

Along with Beast Morphers’ episode 9 title, we have a title and small synopsis for Episode 10 as well. There are still no official air dares for these, but late August-early September these 2 episodes are expected to debut.

Beast Morphers

Beast Morphers Episode Description

Episode 9 – Silver Sacrifice
Airdate: Fall 2019
Blaze and Roxy kidnap the Silver Ranger so Evox can take over his body and escape the cyber dimension.

Episode 10 – Thrills And Drills
Airdate: Fall 2019
Ravi must face one of his worst fears when it interferes with his Ranger duties.

Because of the International spoilers now being a thing in the Power Rangers community , spoilers for Episode 9 were recently revealed online. For anyone who saw the Australian broadcast of Beast Morphers Episode 9 leaked and is now making its rounds on the internet.

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