International Spoilers for Power Rangers Beast Morphers have finally started. And with it, the US fans are having to dodge them, so they can see the new episodes without knowing what is going to happen.

But thanks to French TV Channel Canal J, we do have spoilers for Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 9 online. We still don’t have an official title for it, although we do have a rumored title for it.

It’s spoilers from this point on, so proceed with caution.

Episode 9 – Title TBA
Airdate: TBA
Blaze and Roxy kidnap the Silver Ranger so Evox can take over his body and escape the cyber dimension.


Nate begins to perform maintenance on Steel, but the robot seems confused on why he needs fixing. He thinks he’s already perfect. But Nate explains that he sees Steel as a brother, and family is the most important thing in the world.

In the cyber dimension, Blaze and Roxy create Antennatron. Antennatron hacks into Grid Battleforce’s network to spy on the Rangers – giving Blaze and Roxy a master plan to kidnap Steel and upload Evox into his robotic body.

Back at Grid Battleforce, the Rangers get their first look at the new Gold and Silver Ranger Zords.

Blaze and Roxy attack the city as they try to kidnap Steel, but the Rangers arrive to save the day. But Grid Battleforce’s general (Ben and Betty’s father) becomes weary of the villains’ plan, and orders to have Steel shut down so Evox can’t get a hold of his body. The Rangers strongly disagree, and flee the base with Steel.

Blaze and Roxy then turn their attention to Ben and Betty and kidnap the duo as bait to trade for Steel. Steel remembers Nate’s lesson about the importance of keeping family together, and in sympathy for the general, decides to give himself up in trade for Ben and Betty’s freedom.

But the Rangers pursue Steel, and manage to save their Silver Ranger. They also reveal that Evox’s plan to take over Steel’s body would’ve never worked, as Steel has half human DNA.

Blaze and Roxy leave Antennatron to do the fighting, and the Rangers destroy him with their new Gold and Silver Ranger Zords.

As the episode ends, the General comes to appreciate Steel for saving Ben and Betty. The team bonds and laughs off a very tough day.


Source: Power Rangers NOW