On Cinema Blend’s ReelBlend podcast Tye Sherdian, who plays Cyclops in the X-Men movies, revealed that he wasn’t actually sure how Dark Phoenix ended. He stated that because he said it went through so many changes during production. In the version out on theaters today, Jessica Chastain’s character is revealed to be Vuk, the leader of an alien race called the D’Bari.  Comic books were highly disappointed because Lilandra of the Shi’ar is really who Chastain’s character was based on.

Lilandra of the Shi’ar in the comics.

Sheridan goes on to say that Jessica Chastain’s villain was originally supposed to be a Skrull in Dark Phoenix.  Yes, that would be the same shape-shifting alien race that appeared in the MCU’s Captain Marvel.

Skrulls in Captain Marvel.

What other Similarities were in ‘Dark Phoenix’?

The similarities to Captain Marvel don’t stop there. It had been reported months ago that the entire ending of X-Men: Dark Phoenix was being completely reshot. The rumor was that it was very similar to another superhero movie. Fan theories were that a Phoenix Force-powered Jean Grey flew around wrecking spaceships. This was scrapped because of the obvious similarities to a scene in Captain Marvel where she defends Earth against the Kree ships.

Dark Phoenix

Sheridan says that one version of the Dark Phoenix script would’ve ended differently. It wuld have seen Cyclops and Professor X asking for help at the U.N. from world leaders. Then Jean Grey would have shown up to use her powersrevealing many of the bad guys to be Skrulls. she would then would have single-handedly saved the day before leaving Earth to live her life as the immortal Phoenix.

It sounds like the concept for Dark Phoenix was never nailed down.  You can still check out Dark Phoenix in theaters now. Leave your comment below if it was a thumbs up or down for the last of the Fox era X-Men films.