Rumors abound regarding Marvel’s future after the Disney-Fox merger, and another one has just been added to the pile. Fantastic Four, which has already gone through several iterations, is said to be next on the studio’s list.

Given the backlash over the last Fantastic Four, this rumor comes as something of a surprise. Not to mention the fact that Kevin Feige said neither it nor X-Men would join the MCU for five years. But the powers that be aren’t always upfront, so let’s check in with the source first.

An Even More Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four; Marvel

According to GWW, an unconfirmed source claims Marvel aims for a Fantastic Four reboot in 2022. Not only that, but Ant-Man‘s Peyton Reed hopes to direct the film. The second one certainly has merit, as Reed discussed pitching his take on the franchise to Fox in the past.

“Visually, one of the things we always talked about – and this was 2003 – was The Fantastic Four as daytime superheroes. They don’t have secret identities. They’re very much a part of the fabric of Manhattan. In that universe, if you go to New York to the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty or the Baxter Building, it was all a part of that. We talked about it being a ’60s period movie, but Fox at the time was not into it.”

Fantastic Four
Image: Marvel

Since X-Men is more recent than Fantastic Four, it’s understandable for the studio to tackle the latter one first. There are three slots currently available in Marvel’s schedule for 2022: February 18th, May 6th, and July 19th. With Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and Captain Marvel 2 likely taking two, the third could easily belong to Richards and friends.

Either way, the Marvel panel at Hall H this year will clear things up. Are you ready to find out the fate of MCU Phase 4 at San Diego Comic Con? Let us know in the comments below, and check That Hashtag Show for the latest news on your favorite films.