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First Time On Smackdown For Goldberg

Goldberg will be appearing on this week’s Smackdown Live for the first time ever is his wrestling career. The Hall of Famer Goldberg will appear on Smackdown Live to promote his match on WWE’s Saudi Arabia event, Super Showdown.  

This will be the first time Goldberg has ever set foot in a Smackdown Live ring and it appears the first time ever in a Smackdown ring at all.  I did some research because I couldn’t believe Goldberg has never appeared on Smackdown, but it sure appears to be true.

Goldberg has not appeared on WWE TV since the night after Wrestlemania 33 in 2017.  He will be facing Undertaker at WWE Super Showdown. Undertaker will be on Raw to promote the match as was reported earlier this week and like I called earlier Goldberg will take the sister show, Smackdown Live.

WWE Needs This Event To Be Successful

WWE Super Showdown and all the other Saudi Arabia events are something WWE is promoting very hard.  They have tried to create some super matches, but this Undertaker vs Goldberg is the biggest so far.  These two middle-aged wrestlers who are way past their primes have never met in a ring before. However, no one really cares because we are long past the point of anyone actually caring about their match.

Goldberg Must Look Strong

Fans everywhere are wondering what Goldberg will do and have to say on his Smackdown Live appearance.  Goldberg will almost certainly spear and/or jackhammer someone.  The key is to make Goldberg look strong, but without diminishing top talent.  Therefore, my guess is Sami Zayn will come out and get jackhammered.

However, it sucks they have to promote a crappy wrestler like Goldberg at the expense of a really good wrestler.  Zayn on his worst day is a million times the caliber of wrestler Goldberg is on his best. However, WWE needs this event to be a success and the politics of Saudi Arabia has made these events very controversial.

Undertaker Must Carry Goldberg Like A Newborn

This is a great honor for a retired wrestler like Goldberg to main event a show like this.  There is a lot of pressure on Undertaker and Goldberg to have a good match. However, I really don’t think it will be even remotely good.  My advice to him is listen to exactly what Undertaker tells you. If he tells you to do the splits you do it and hopefully Taker can keep you safe and not stink up the joint.

Smackdown Live and WWE Super Showdown Details

Smackdown Live will air Tuesday night at 8/7 CST on USA Network. WWE Super Showdown will be held on Friday June 7 at King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The event will start at 2 pm EST and 11 am PST.


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