Super Sentai fans get excited! We got our very first look at the newest Ryusoulger. This newest Sentai to be making waves is none other than Ryusoul Gold!

Meet Kanaro, the brand new Gold Ryusoulger. Unlike the other Ryusoulgers where they would have silver body accent Ryusoul Gold uses blue. Kanaro is a prince from a another Ryusoul Tribe that live on the sea and dislike fighting. Ryusoul Gold transformers using the MosaChanger. His second second weapon is called the Mosablade. He will also have a powerful new Ryusoul Soul the BiriBiri Soul that gives him a powerful electric armor mode. Ryusoul Gold’s KishiRyu is Mosarex based on a Mosasaurus and transforms into Kishiryu Neptune. The actor playing this version of the chcaracter Hyodo Chikai. Ryusoul Gold will debut in episode in episode 14 on June 23.

Meet Ryusoul Gold

Along with the character’s debut we will also get the new mecha DimeVolcano. DimeVolcano is based on a dimetrodon and allow the Ryusoulgers to use the power of a volcano. The DimeVolcano will also give Ryusoul Red a brand new armor mode.

Sixty-five million years ago, the Druidon Tribe sought to Take Over the World and at the same time, the Ryusoul Tribe took a stand against them. When a giant meteor fell onto Earth, ending the era of Dinosaurs in the process, the Druidon Tribe fled to space. The Ryusoul Tribe remained in Earth and made preparations for future threats by turning the remaining dinosaurs into the Kishiryu, before putting them into slumber. The Druidon Tribe now stronger than last time, returned to Earth to finish what they started. In response to this, the Ryusoulgers have resurfaced to fight them once again.

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