This week in STAR WARS comics you might see some old characters that you have not seen in a long time. If names like Jaxxon, Valance and Domina Tagge ring a bell you then you might remember when the original comic series ended at number 107 in 1986. That’s right STAR WARS comic fans after all these years Marvel is picking up where they left off in 1986 with STAR WARS #108.

Star Wars Comics

The STAR WARS comics

For some of us old timers we might remember when the original STAR WARS comic series began in 1977. Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin started the STAR WARS comic series and used the first six issues to adapt to A New Hope. But sadly, after a long run of over 100 issues it was like the fell into the Sarlacc Pitt and was not heard from again. Well just like Boba Fett (well we hope) Writer Matthew Rosenberg saved it from the Sarlacc and picked up where STAR WARS #107 left off.

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STAR WARS #108 John Tyler Christopher Cover

So, what to expect with the new comics

Well as of now none of these stories are in the cannon timeline, but you can count on some of your favorite characters like Luke, Han, and Chewbacca going on some crazy adventures with some unusual new and old characters. How exciting will it be to see Han and Chewbacca working with the big green rabbit Jaxxon and Amaiza Foxtrain again.

Star Wars Comics

Bounty Hunters we don’t need their scum

Yes, if you are a bounty hunter fan like I am you will remember them throughout the first 100 comics. Some of the favorite covers during this run are comic numbers 42 and 68. These were the first covers to have Boba Fett on them. But during this time there was also another bounty hunter that became very popular. That’s right it’s the cyborg bounty hunter Vance. Vance you may recall had a huge hatred for Luke Skywalker. I am excited to see how Vance and the other bounty hunters will fit into this new series.

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The End

The STAR WARS comic series came to an end in 1986 with issue 107. There the good guys won and our hero Luke Skywalker ended the series with this quote:

“For the first time in a long, long time, all of us, as races and individuals, have a fair chance of making peace. And I hope, no I know, we can do it!”

Star Wars Comics

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