Power Rangers Beast Morphers first eight episodes came and went and so far the reception has been pretty positive. One of the main reason for the success of the new season is the cast. Recently we found out the likes of former alumni Kelson Henderson, Miriama Smith will return to Beast Morphers.

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Miriama Smith played Elsa and Principle Randall in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. This season she will be playing Aunt Regina. It is unknown who’s Aunt she will play but we will find out once the show returns this fall.

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Miriama Smith Returns to Power Rangers

Other than the rangers this season we have been given many supporting characters. From Ravi’s mom Commander Shaw to Devon’s dad the mayor. This may be the reason for the positive response to the season.

Power Rangers has always thrived on building strong story around our rangers and the supporting characters help that by fleshing out who they are as people.

The news of Miriama Smith coming back to Power Rangers is a surprise. With the news on the new team up episode coming many hope that she may be playing Elsa again and that the Aunt Regina name may be a place holder for the actress.

Miriama had a very big role in Power Rangers Dino Thunder so it wouldn’t be so farfetched to see her return as that character especially if we will be seeing some familiar faces return to Power Rangers Beast Morphers in 2020.

But if she isn’t reprising her role as elsa. Will the role of Aunt Regina be a important one for the season or would it just be a new character and a nod to the Power Ranger fans who watched Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Time will only tell and we wont figure out who she will be till after this summer hiatus. Are you excited for Miriama Smith’s return to Power Rangers?