Earlier this month we dropped the news that the original Red Ranger, Austin St. John, who played Jason would be returning to the Power Rangers Beast Morphers next season for a special team up episode. We then followed that up with more information on the team-up. Mainly, members of the Dino Charge team would be joining the episode.

No Dino Thunder Rangers In Person

We speculate that this would be an adaption of the Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters: The Great Dinosaur Battle! Farewell, Our Eternal Friends. It seems that there may be a wrench in the plans., however. Our sources close to production have confirmed with us that none of the Dino Thunder Rangers will be returning in person. James Napier, Emma Lahana, Jeffrey Parazzo, Kevin Duhaney, and Jason David Frank made up the Disney-era team on one of the best season of Power Rangers. We were told that there were early plans to have JDF return as Dino Thunder Black, and that the Blue Dino Thunder Ranger, Ethan, played by Duhaney, would bea part of the show.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Cast

Does This Mean They Won’t Appear In The Episode At All?

The episode is currently done shooting , and many of the American Rangers are already back in the States. This doesn’t mean the Dino Thunder Rangers will not be included in the episode, however. Just like in other team-ups prior, like Super Megaforce’s ‘Legendary Battle’, the Dino Thunder Rangers may never demorph. It is still a possibility they could lend their voices to their characters, like ‘Clash of the Red Rangers’, in which Eka Darville reprised his role of Scott, RPM Series Red. This would be more cost productive to Hasbro and there’s still time to get these deals in place.

This Team-Up Will Still Be Epic

So far, Power Rangers Beast Morphers has started off as one of the best seasons to date. Still, even without the Dino Thunder Rangers returning in person this team-up could still be one of the most epic team-ups yet if Beast Morphers can maintain their so far excellent storytelling and character development. What do you think about the Dino Thunder Rangers not returning to Beast Morphers in person? Leave a message in the comments below.