Transformers 6 picks up where Transformers 5 left off, and continues to deliver. It just doesn’t always do it in the way we think. Some how I get the feeling that when all these loose ends do come together, it will be quite special.

Transformers 6: Cover To Cover

Transformers 6

I love Covers A and B. They are simple and to the point, but they greatly relate to the pages to follow. This issue is about Orion and Megatron alone. Nothing else, and these first two covers convey that perfectly. They show a time when the two were brothers. A time before they became enemies.

Wait. What About…

My sole disappointment with this issue is that it completely ignores the final events of last issue. Last issue, Rubble was killed for wandering where his nose didn’t belong, much like C-3PO in Empire Strikes Back on Bespin. This issue chooses not to address or acknowledge this event at all. Knowing the ripples that will send through the Autobots, especially Bumblebee, I was hoping for the fallout; However, I feel the way they are telling this story, they are going to hold the main events back as long as possible to build up back stories. As soon as they accomplish that, the story will kick into high gear.

Two Brothers

That one disappointment with Transformers 6 aside, this issue shows us the relationship Orion and Megatron enjoyed before the war to come. They were brothers who enjoyed hanging out together and helping one another.

I like the fact even here they drop some political ideology. It shows how comfortable the two are with each other that they can talk about this stuff openly and honestly. It also demonstrates that while they may be brothers of a sort, they have always had opposite ways of thinking.

This is even more apparent when they meet some time later on the moon. For different reasons they once again show up in the same place. Megatron announced his run for senate, but Orion found out third hand and was upset by this. Megatron’s regret in not telling Orion shows the split beginning to form. Their circles are beginning to separate and they fail to see it. Megatron even announces the beginning of the Ascenticons by Tergamax.

Transformers 6: One Last Adventure

Perhaps by the end of the conversation, with Orion leaving to tour the colonies. This separation feels like the point where they will truly begin to change and move apart. Megatron talks the stodgy, by the book, Orion to jump with him. They can share one last thrill together before they each begin their journeys.

Of course their experiences differ just a bit when Megatron’s levitator works and Orion’s does not. Luckily, Orion lands in a lagoon. Megatron laughs, leaving Orion to question his sanity. Megatron’s final thoughts say it all – “You go into space, Orion Pax. You play amongst the stars. This is where I belong. This is where the future will be built. Cybertron.

The Backdrop of Knowledge

Of course these flashbacks happen as Orion talks with Codexa. There is not much detail on Codexa, but it appears to be some sort of half transformer, half planetary interface with powerful insight into everything that happens. Orion looks for some insight into his friend. Something to assuage his fears.

While no real information is found, Orion realizes he has to make the bold move. Prime begins to realize his fears are real and he needs to start preparing for what may come.