Transformers Issue 5

Oh, hey, no way! He is NOT doing that. Wait – You can’t do that! This issue really took me by surprise. While I still hold out hope for kid-friendly re-dos, right now things are most definitely NOT looking good for the Autobots. That and rule #1, you never kill the family dog. Why did they kill the dog?! Clearly there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Transformers Issue 5.

Cover to Cover to Cover

There are once again multiple covers for this issue. Almost all of them are really cool, but only the one with Bumblebee and Soundwave has anything to do with this issue. The Dinobots look sweet, but don’t get your hopes up for an appearance. Although bits and pieces are starting to feel like someone is about to create them.

Is He Really Doing That?

This is a pretty straight forward story line this issue with only two real story threads, but they are doozies. First up we have Bumblebee. Bumblebee skips out on taking care of Rubble. Something has come up – ok. Given the nature of what is happening on Cybertron it’s believable, but going into an abandoned cave in the middle of nowhere? That’s a bit messed up.

Who shows up in the cave, but Soundwave!? Why is Bee meeting with Senator Soundwave? Oh, he wants to join the Ascenticons. Wait. WHAT?! Bumblebee isn’t an Ascenticon, Decepticon or anything else. He is an Autobot.

Bee proceeds to attempt to convince Soundwave he wants to join up with the Ascenticons. Soundwave is a tough bot to sell, though. Bee’s Autobot connections are too many, and Soundwave doesn’t trust him.

Obviously, this feels like a ploy. In Transformers Issue 5, Bee is trying to infiltrate the Ascenticons and see what is happening… or is he?. That would be my bet; However, this comic is just different enough that maybe Bee is being sincere right now. He can always have a change of heart later if something major happens. Speaking of something major….

Transformers Issue 5: Oh No They Did Not!

Young kids may know the way home, but that does not mean they can’t be easily distracted. When a kid loses focus they are toast. Bee and Wheeljack may trust Rubble to know the way home, but they don’t account for distractions to pull him off course.

Poor Rubble starts after a Voin, hoping it is the one Prowl needs. He then stumbles onto an Ascenticon killing them. Rubble runs for his life, madly trying to patch into Bee. He instead gets Prowl, but he only gets a few words out before he becomes trapped.

Rule #1 in story telling – You never, ever kill the dog or the little kid (unless your name is Wick). The kid and the dog ALWAYS have to make it.

WHY THE HELL DID THEY DO THAT?! They just killed Rubble. They just killed the little kid in the story. You aren’t supposed to do that!

A Brilliantly Designed Final Page for Transformers Issue 5

The final page makes it even more heart rending. The final page is a page of static with Rubble’s final thoughts. His final thoughts are how wrong Bee was. “My mentor doesn’t know everything. Bumblebee can be wrong.” Ah, that’s so sad.

What is even more curious is the line at the bottom of the page: “END: THE WORLD IN YOUR EYES.” Does that mean this is the end of the series? Or does that mean we now shift focus because we can no longer look through Rubble’s eyes?

They better keep this series going (betting it will) so we see the fallout of this. This will piss a lot of Autobots off, which could lead to either good or bad actions. Rubble’s death will be a line hard drawn.

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