The music has been one of the most memorable parts of Aladdin since the film premiered in 1992. However, Disney’s live action remake has added a new element: dance. Jamal Sims was the choreographer for the new movie, along with his assistant Nicky Andersen, and the cast couldn’t stop singing his praises.

“[Jamal Sims] is one of the best in the business,” star Mena Massoud guhed at the recent press conference. “I grew up watching Step Up, which to me was the dance film of my generation, and Jamal choreographed that.”

He may have had to endure some good-natured ribbing about the quality of that Channing Tatum vehicle, but no one can deny the dances were memorable.

Aladdin Cast
Wait until they show you their moves.

More importantly, Massoud felt Sims based his choreography on the characters, which helped him find the right moments between Aladdin and Naomi Scott’s Jasmine instead of having to focus as much on steps.

“Getting the choreography down was one thing, but we wanted to focus on connecting,” he said.

Aladdin Choreographer Steals the Show

Director Guy Ritchie also paid Sims high compliments. “Jamal should actually be sitting up here, because he’s such a [crucial part of the movie],” he commented before revealing that Jamal actually played the minor but hilarious role of a Genie-concocted Prince, which audiences will have to watch out for when they see Aladdin. “He very well represented the spirit of this film,” Ritchie added. “He just remained so positive throughout.”

Will Smith pointed out the importance of choreography in the live action version of Aladdin, acknowledging how Jamal Sims’ talents contributed to pulling the story together.

“Choreography was sort of the vortex of everything. When doing a dance sequence, choreography was the vortex of wardrobe and set design. All the actors’ [performances], the things our characters would and wouldn’t do, had to be worked into the dancing. Everything fell on Jamal to make it all come together in a dance sequence. And he really just captured… the center of all those things and turned it into something that looks hot in a dance move.”

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