Ever since news broke that Robert Pattinson might play the Dark Knight in The Batman, fans have been distraught. Naturally they’re desperate for confirmation or denial – when they’re not busy starting petitions to get rid of him. Unfortunately, Pattinson has been pretty mum at the Cannes Film Festival this week.

Robert’s reaction to The Batman memes.

Nicholas Hoult, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Armie Hammer are said to still be in the running. However, Collider reported that Robert Pattinson already won the coveted role of Bruce Wayne. The problem is DC fans aren’t keen to welcome Edward of Twilight to their franchise. This is despite the fact that the actor has continually improved his craft and focused on more indie roles ever since.

Pattinson Questions At Cannes

In fact, the reason he was at Cannes at all was to promote The Lighthouse, which he starred in alongside Willem Dafoe. But when not talking about that film, reporters inundated him with questions about Batman. When French magazine Gala asked about the role, his response was simple. “I’m sorry, but I absolutely can’t talk about that.” Nor would discuss it at the Q&A, where he informed the press that “I am only answering questions about The Lighthouse.”

That’s probably the best strategy to take before anything’s official, especially with the negativity surrounding the rumor at the moment. If other actors are indeed in the running, then Warner Bros. will probably decide based on costume and screening tests in the next few weeks.

Pattinson is far from the first actor that audiences did not approve of for a certain role. After all, Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa both received their fair share of criticism before wowing fans in Wonder Woman and Aquaman respectively. Whether the Twilight stigma can be overcome has yet to be seen, but he has to secure the role first.

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