Game of Thrones Finale

Here we stand on the edge of the Game of Thrones finale. So far this year we have said goodbye to 11 years of the MCU story. The Big Bang Theory closed out after 12 seasons. And later this year we will say goodbye to 42 years of Skywalkers,. But for this weekend we experience the conclusion to 9 years of our favorite and most hated Game of Thrones characters. The overriding question is this – How will the series end?

While some deaths may not be what fans wanted, this show’s signature has always been providing story arcs that no one saw coming until the final minutes. There are so many pokers in the fire leading up to the Game of Thrones Finale. With this show’s history, any ending that you can think of is in play. Yoda said “Always in motion is the future.” That could not be more true here. Let’s look at what pieces are still in motion.

Predicting the Game of Thrones Finale: Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion lannister
Can Tyrion Survive?

The shortest man of stature carries the largest heart, and it has caused him much trouble over the years. Tyrion tries so hard to do what is right, but it seems to backfire every single time. He looks after the city and people of King’s Landing when Joffrey would starve them. In the end, he is blamed for the riots that followed. What’s in storefor the last remaining Lannister in the Game of Thrones Finale?

In Episode 5 we saw his love for Jamie. After all the problems with his family, he still loves them. He knows they cannot rule, but he still wants them safe and out of the way.

The problem is he Queen Daenerys served Tyrion his final warning. One more screw up and he becomes barbecue. Does his releasing Jamie ever come to Dani’s attention? If it does not, he should be fine, but if Dani discovers Jamie’s absence, you know Tyrion will tell the truth and die because of it.

Sir Bron of the…what keep?

Ser Bron
Lord of Nothing

This could be perhaps one of the bigger wild cards out there. Say Tyrion is not killed by Dani. Bron comes calling for his castle, and if Tyrion cannot talk either Jon or Dani into king this so, I think Bron proved he will kill. For Bron to simply walk in, get his castle and ride off to his lordship seems too easy, especially for this show. Bron has some major role yet to play. We will have to wait and see which way he swings.