Pixar Pier at Disney’s California Adventure is getting ready to open the last ride in the area.

This summer the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind will be opening. This new ride, inspired by the Disney-Pixar film, is going to be taking you inside the workplace of Riley’s emotions. Once on one of the eight Memory Movers, guests will be able to take a sense-ational spin.

The Disney Parks Blog released seven brand-new posters for the locations you can visit while on the ride at Pixar Pier. (You can see all of them throughout this article.)

For the hardcore Pixar fans, the locations featured in these posters were all locations in the film. There is no opening date yet, but the ride will open sometime after Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens.

An Emotional Whirlwind at Pixar Pier

And for the huge Pixar fans like me, Pixar Pier has so much to offer. From Jessie’s Critter Carousal to the Incredicoaster, and now with the new Inside Out attraction, the Pier has everything for Pixar fans to enjoy.

Pixar Pier

That’s including all of the awesome food you can get as well. From the food stands like The Poultry Place to Adorable Snowman Frozen Treats to the Lamplight Lounge. And you can even visit Anger from Inside Out at his food stand, Angry Dogs.

Guests can also visit Inside Out’s Bing Bong at his sweet shop, which is named Bing Bong’s Sweet Shop. Inside the colorful sweet shop, guests are able to purchase sweet treats, candies, saltwater taffy, rainbow cotton candy, and even Pixar merchandise.

Jangles The Clown is also there, and he is serving up Memory Makers, which are these colorful frozen drinks that come in every color.

With everything new coming to both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, fans of both Pixar and Star Wars will be having lots of fun things and adventures to check out.

Source: Disney Parks Blog