We3: Story Synopsis

Three cybernetic-animal killing machines escape and kill anyone in their way as they look for a new home in We3.

The next step in warfare was mixing man and machine or in this case animal and machine.  A colony of rat biorgs could assemble a jet engine in 48 hours using only spare parts. However, the real cutting edge stuff was what was known as WE3.

This program consisted of a dog who is a tank, a stealth assassin cat and a rabbit who specialized in mines and poison gas.  However, the program was being shut down by the government. The order was to put the three animals down.

However, Dr. Roseanne Berry, the woman responsible for the creation and taking care of WE3 was not going to let her animals die.  When performing the lockdown procedure for the night she “forgot” to lock down the animals.

WE3 Escapes!

WE3 escaped the facility and searched for Berry who they called #0 and looked for a new home.  The government was hunting them down before they could murder everyone. However, killing three animals trained for murder proved difficult.

We3 was written by Grant Morrison with art by Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant.  DC’s Vertigo imprint published the volume in 2013.


I Put This Comic Off For Too Long

This is another comic which has always come up on my recommended list.  I have always put it off, but this week I decided to read it. This comic was amazing and I really wish I had not put it off for so long.

The comic is only 100 pages comprised of three issues.  It is really short and reads very fast. I was finished before I knew it.  However, after I was finished I wanted more of this story and its characters.

I don’t know how but I grew to really like the three characters.  Each one had their own unique personality and I was really hoping they found a new home.  It is just a testament to why Morrison is one of the great comic writers by being able to do this in only 100 pages.

The story felt complete and satisfying, but I wish there was a part two.  I wanted to spend more time with these three killing machines.


I Don’t Know If I Like Quitely’s Art

Quitely’s art is unique.  He is known as a very sought after artist, but his art is a little hit and miss for me.  His art has a lot of close up panels and Quitely likes to give a little too detail. When he does this it is disturbing and gross.  I think this is the point, but it happens a little too often for my tastes. However, this comic straddles that line of too much.

WE3 A Violent Homeward Bound

A good way to describe this story is to compare it to Homeward Bound or The Adventures of Milo and Otis.  However, the big difference is these animals are ripping people in half as they make their way.  This comic is extremely violent and gory, but is also heartwarming.

We3 is a great example of what is possible with just 100 pages of text.  A perfect comic which will have the reader tense from beginning to end.



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