Hasbro has ushered in a new era for Power Rangers with Beast Morphers. The series is taken from a Super Sentai from the past, Go-Buster, which was a welcomed, yet unexpected choice. Beast Morphers has done a great job of developing its characters and has, thus far, lived up to fan expectations. It’s all but confirmed we’re going to be getting a Dino team-up with Austin St. John returning to the fold, but we may also be getting a power-up in Beast Morphers Season 2.

Recently we had the current Gold Beast Morpher Ranger, Abraham Rodriguez, who plays Nate, on our YouTube channel, the Ranger Wrap-Up and he teased a possible power change. Here’s what Rodriguez had to say:

THS: Has there been any mention of a power change for season 2?

Abraham Rodriguez: Hmmm… I don’t think I should say. Let’s keep that a secret.

Beast Morphers Power Change in Season 2?

Now, this is far from a confirmation of a power change, and w know actors aren’t allowed to divulge details. Still… we definitely think it’s likely. When Hasbro announced Beast Morphers, hardcore fans clamored for the Dino theme team-up. Now, we have speculated that the second season could possibly introduce Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. This would be in keeping with animal theme, and could easily tie into Beast Morphers. This would also set the stage for Roxy (Liana Ramirez) and Blaze’s (Colby Strong) character redemption by both becoming Rangers themselves.

Beast Morphers Season 2

If this happens, hopefully Hasbro can learn from the mistakes of the Neo-Saban era where this was done in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. What do you guys think? Would you want to see Zyuohger be the second season of Beast Morphers? Or is there something else that you’d like to see? Leave a message in the comments below.