Just a few days ago we reported that Constance Wu would be starring in a new Independent Sci-Fi feature called Lost Planet. Constance stars as Ally Gage, a former Air Force Pilot who takes a mission to pick up a ship from a destroyed colony on a distant planet. According to the information we received the film has a budget of between $10 – $15 million, so it’s definitely not going to be a big budget blockbuster film. We also don’t know where it’s going to be released. It absolutely could be a theatrical release, but it’s also entirely possible that the film could be for Netflix or Amazon or some other streaming service.

While Wu is the only actor we know of that’s currently attached to the film, we now have an additional 7 character/casting breakdowns to share with you. These new breakdowns contain HEAVY spoilers for the film. If you don’t care about spoilers, continue reading. If you do care about spoilers, you should stop now.

The Logline:

Set in the near future, a Space X type company, called Horizon Ltd, has established small colonies on other planets in biodomes that create a livable Earth-like environment. However, when the first-ever complication occurs on one of the colonies, they send two astronauts to go investigate. When they get there though, they only find one child on the entire planet.

The Lost Planet Characters:

***Once again, there are spoilers for the movie below. If you continue reading, it’s on you now.***

Spoiler Alert for Lost Planet Movie with Constance Wu


A male between 35-39, a grunger/alt-rocker type. He is an engineer who also has a medical background and is assigned to join Ally’s mission. He is suspicious of her due to her past. Because of her current behavior he comes to think she is delusional and drugs and restrains her. After Cal reveals to Ally that the mission is actually a cover-up, he is posesssed by the alien and turns on her.

MADDIE – Supporting

A 7 year old girl Ally and Cal find hiding in a stove in a farmhouse. Ally orders Cal to take care of her. She’s a shy girl who will only tell them her name and warms up to Cal. After telling her that there are billions of people on Earth and a bunch of kids for her to play with, her eyes turn red, she grows tentacles, and stabs him because she was possessed by an alien.

MAN – Supporting

A 30-49-year-old male. He has a filthy, gaunt face and matted hair with wild eyes. When Ally finds him in a farmhouse, they chase each other and try to attack each other. He tells her that she shouldn’t be here. The man informs Cal that he’s the only survivor and that Maddie is an alien that can appear as human. When the alien possesses Cal, it kills the man while he’s trying to warn Ally.


A female between 50-59. She’s ex-military and all business. Collins makes Ally sign an NDA before showing her a video of one of the colony victims and explains the mission. She also introduces Ally and Cal. Collins later calls to inform Ally the storm is quickly approaching, so they have less time.


Preston is a male in his 50s. He wears a crisp shirt and tie and he’s self-important and is the one who assigns Cal to Ally’s mission. He promises Cal that she was cleared and that no one will be looking for the farmers that were sent to colonize the planet where they’ll be cleaning up an internal mess.

GEORGE – Cameo

Ally’s father, he’s 70-79 years old. George attempts to talk her out of going on the mission.

MAN – Cameo

A 30-something male. He tells his wife to go back for their kids and lock the door. He then runs into a cabin and grabs a sickle. When he hears a noise, he opens the door and something grabs him and pulls him back inside.

What These Tell Us About The Movie

One thing to note as always is that even though Constance Wu is set for the role of Ally, since they haven’t started shooting yet, a number of things could change before principal photography officially starts. While this information is currently accurate, that doesn’t mean it will make it to the final cut of the film.

While they don’t give the entire movie away, these breakdowns basically spell out the plot for the film. There’s a secret cover-up that Ally wasn’t made aware of ahead of time and is going into this mission basically blind to the threat. I think it’s safe to assume her interactions with the child/alien are going to help her to resolve the issues from her past and she’ll have to accept what happened in order to move on and save herself. . . or sacrifice herself to prevent the alien from getting on the ship and going to Earth.

Obviously this is all speculation based on my part, so I’m interested to hear what you guys think? Does this sound like a movie you’d watch? Do you agree with my speculation or do you have other ideas about what might be going on? Let me know in the comments.