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Wrestlers have tried breaking into Hollywood for decades. Rarely if ever do they succeed. It wasn’t until Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tried to become an actor that wrestlers have seen success, and lets face it, The Rock has set the bar for Hollywood Wrestling excellence. With Guardians of the Galaxy, Dave Batista is chasing after the Rock and his success. Interestingly enough, someone who has been attempting Hollywood success longer than either of them is finding bigger and bigger parts these days. John Cena is in talks to join the cast of James Gunn’s reboot of Suicide Squad.

James Gunn has said this will be a total reboot of the title, not a sequel. The cast seems to always be changing as Will Smith was set to return as Deadshot. He left the project and Idris Elba was cast as Deadshot. Then we get reports that Elba’s character will be someone else than Deadshot. Who Cena will be playing remains a mystery for now. We do not even know the characters that will be in the new version, save Harley Quinn being played by Margot Robbie.

Cena’s History

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John Cena has been trying to succeed on the big screen since 2006. He has had mixed success. While very few of his movies have outright bombed, they tend to fly under the radar for the most part. His first big screen credit was as John Triton in The Marine. It only managed $22 million worldwide.

With the WWE to always fall back on, Cena kept at it. If his movie bombed he could always go back to being WWE Champion, a position he’s held 16 times. Cena landed roles in Daddy’s Home 1 & 2, Blockers and most recently Bumblebee, and Fighting With My Family. He has yet to excel in a role, but when cast into roles that fit his natural personality, Cena can hold his own.

Trust the Gunn

James Gunn has shown he has a talent of casting actors that fit roles and then not asking too much out of them. His biggest example of this is Dave Batista. When Gunn cast the former Champion as Drax the Destroyer, he did a good job of playing to Batista’s strengths and not asking him to act like an Oscar caliber actor. It should be fun to see where this movie leads.