It looks like WWE has given away a possible spoiler ahead of Smackdown Live.
Ahoy there, Kairi.

In a night that saw the lower thirds for The Usos come across screen minutes before they came out on RAW, it seems another spoiler has made it’s way through the cracks. Above, we can see an image of Kairi Sane on the Smackdown Live side of the Superstar Shake-Up.

Sky Pirates at NXT
Sky Pirates Smackdown Bound?

The former NXT Women’s Champion seemingly received her last chance at regaining that title over the last television tapings. With Paige promising to bring a new tag team to challenge The IIconics last week, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Sane on Smackdown Live tonight. Hopefully flanked by Sky Pirates partner Io Shirai. The pairing would make an impact on the Smackdown Live women’s roster, and the women’s tag team division. Plus the edition of Paige as their manager would be an excellent way for Paige to be on television every week.

With Smackdown Live only hours away, we will get our answer about Kairi Sane very soon. We just hope she (or Io) don’t get a complete name change. Although The Pirate Experience does have a nice ring to it. Wait, no it doesn’t.