Avengers: Endgame, the sequel to last year’s blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, is possibly the most anticipated comic book movie ever.  It is expected to conclude the last decade of Marvel Studio films and usher in a new era. Actress Karen Gillan may have given away an important scene between her character and the villain Thanos.

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eAt a press conference in Los Angeles, Iron Man director Jon Favreau, asked several questions of the actors playing the surviving Avengers.  Karen Gillan, who plays Nebula from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, may have accidently said than she should. When asked what she was excited about Nebula’s return in Avengers Endgame, Gillan replied, “Well, I think it’s maybe safe to say that she suffers from some daddy issues. Because her dad is Thanos, so who wouldn’t? And I think I’m excited for her to finally face the source of this abuse. This has sort of been building through multiple movies through the [Guardians of the Galaxy] movies. And she’s talked about how she wants to inflict revenge. And so, we all know about that. So, I would like to see her try and face that.”


Suddenly flustered, Gillan quickly added, “I don’t know if she will! Maybe she won’t! I’m not saying anything. I just got really nervous I gave something away. So, I’m going to stop. Potentially.”  While she quickly denied it, this is strong evidence that Nebula and Thanos will have a father-daughter confrontation.  In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos sacrificed his daughter Gamora, Nebula’s sister, to achieve his ultimate goal.  The two sisters recently settled a longtime feud and affirmed the bond between them, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. An emotional fight centered around Gamora’s death would bring closure to all three characters and please fans at the same time.