Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26th, and already broke the Internet with ticket pre-sales. While the world waits for the film to come out, artist and AC Talent Group founder Aaron Coney designed and created a bunch of Endgame-inspired Power Ranger posters.


Some of the Rangers he included are: Mighty Morphin Green; Red; Pink; Black, Blue; and Mighty Morphin Yellow.

He accompanied the posters by captioning his Twitter posts with the words “whatever it takes.”

Power Aveng… er, Rangers

He also created also several non MMPR posters however. Two of those include Time Force Red and Time Force Blue:


Additionally (as if those posters weren’t great already!), Coney also made an Endgame-inspired poster featuring Lord Drakkon on it:


One other poster he created ties into the Power Rangers BOOM! Studios comics. With this poster he gives one of the covers an Avengers: Endgame makeover:


Heitor Lemos is a graphic designer and TeamJDF artist, and he got in on the game as well. He designed a poster with Jason David Frank wearing the Green Ranger suit.


All of these posters look amazing, and make me wonder if something like this could happen in Ranger continuity. What do you think? Could the Rangers ever face an Endgame scenario?

Source: Comicbook.com