If you were lucky, as I was, you were able to purchase your Endgame opening night or weekend tickets when they went on sale Tuesday morning. Many were not so lucky. If you didn’t get tickets, you’ll have to hope a friend scored an extra ticket for you. Worse, you might have to start looking on secondary markets like eBay. Believe it or not, tickets for opening night on eBay are going for as much as $500 in cities like New York and Los Angeles.


CNBC reported that Avengers: Endgame broke Fandango’s first-day U.S. sales record within the first six hours of pre-sales. Star Wars: The Force Awakens previously laid claim to that record. Additionally, reports are that over at Atom Tickets, they sold three times more tickets in the first hour of sales than Avengers: Infinity War did during last year’s pre-sales for that film.  The AMC Theaters website crashed causing fans to scramble to other ticket sites to find their seats.   

You Waited How Long For Endgame Tickets?


Wait times on Fandango were as long as an hour. (That is, if you still hadn’t given up on your dreams of an opening night showing.)  However, that wait was no guarantee that your order wouldn’t get canceled or that there would be any seats left for days or times you wanted.  In true fan fashion, displeased Marvel fans to social media with Endgame related hashtags.  Twitter’s top four trending topics included one devoted specifically to Fandango, as fans voiced their frustrations.


This is not the first-time ticket sites such as Fandango and ATOM have been under prepared for the amount of traffic they would receive. I feel confident it most likely will not be the last, either.  So, take note Star War fans, come November. That’s when Episode IX tickets will most likely go on sale.

Whether you got tickets for opening weekend or you must wait until the following week, two things are certain.  The first is a boat load of hysterical memes about Fandango and ATOM’s ticket pre-sales failures.  Second, and most important, we are now less than a month away from the movie’s premiere!

Avengers: Endgame opens in theaters on April 26.