Starting May 1st, Walt Disney World and Disneyland are putting new bans in place. Designed to alleviate crowd congestion, new restrictions will apply to strollers, loose ice, and smoking. The bans will extend to all of the theme parks. Additionally, Downtown Disney in California, ESPN Wide World Of Sports, and the water parks will also be affected.

Now, designed smoking areas are located outside of all the parks. Sorry to those those people who would normally use the designated areas inside the parks. You must now smoke before even entering .

Disney Parks Enact New Restrictions

Guardians of the Galaxy; Disney Parks
Groot welcomes guests to the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coast in this artist’s rendering. (Image: Marvel/Disney)

Disney also announced that both wagons and wagon strollers are banned from the parks as well. The bigger strollers have always been a problem in the parks, so this will prevent those strollers from taking up space on the walkways.

And finally, Disney is prohibiting loose and dry ice from the theme parks and the water parks. Reusable ice packs will still be allowed, but if you don’t have those, a lot of Quick Service Restaurants will allow you to get cups of ice to keep the items in your cooler cold.

These bans are probably going to keep a lot of people from visiting Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Conversely, these bans also mean a lot more people WILL come and visit the parks. If nothing else, the bans are sure to assist with crowd control with the upcoming openings of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge later this year.

Source: Disney Parks Blog