A group of special ops soldiers have only one mission: hunt down and kill predators in Predator: Hunters.

Enoch Nakai was working at a mechanics shop when the special ops soldiers entered.  They needed Nakai to join their group because he was one of the only people to have killed a predator in single combat.  His experience could have proven invaluable to their mission.

The team planned on going to a small South Pacific island.  This island would have acted as a staging area to invade a nearby island which had a predator living on it.

Predator: Hunters was written by Chris Warner with art by Francisco Ruiz Velasco.  Dark Horse published the volume in 2018.

Predator: Hunters

After reading Aliens last week, I thought the next natural progression was to read Predator: Hunters.  However, this comic is unfortunately not nearly as good.

The horror aspect is totally gone.  I must admit the movie was much more action than horror, but it was still a pretty tense movie.  The comic never really felt like it was humans against an unstoppable threat. When fighting the predator they just needed to put in 1 percent more effort and the predator stood no chance.

Predator: Hunters… Lacking

I found this aspect extremely unsatisfying.  When I read a Predator comic I want some action and some hectic battles, but the battles were all over very quickly.

All the characters in Predator: Hunters were very one dimensional. Granted, Nakai is from a previous comic so he may have been really explored in that. There was a lot that alluded to his past, but not a lot was actually explained.  The other characters had no depth at all. They each had their little archetype personality like the cocky guy and the badass woman.  However, I couldn’t care less if the predator got them. The comic did not establish any connection between the reader and the characters.  

This wasn’t a chore to read which is nice.  I finished it pretty quickly, but I just didn’t care about anything happening in the comic.

Predator: Hunters Wins with Predator Design

A good part of the comic was the predator designs.  They all seemed like predator. The postures, movements and tactics were right in line with the Predator movies.  Each predator looked like predator with the armor and faces.  It all matched up really nice.

This was not a terrible comic, but it just wasn’t necessary.  It didn’t add to the Predator lore.  I didn’t learn anything new about them and most of all I didn’t enjoy reading the comic.  Everything was just very lackluster and a waste of time to read.



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