Lazarus Risen #1

What Is This Title?

Before we dive into this comic, let’s cover a couple of things first. First off this issue may be #1, but it is not the first issue in the series. This is also not a monthly title. The Lazarus title is a title that is quarterly, but more than covers the gaps in between. Where most comics are 25-35 pages standard, this quarterly comic is roughly 68 pages, so buying one issue is essentially 2-2.5 normal issues. That also justifies the higher price pf $7.99.

Even though this is #1, it is essentially a #1 of an ongoing series. This #1 is the first issue of the second chapter of the story. The good thing is that while you may miss out on some things because you have not read the first series, this issue stands very well on its own. There are also nice synopsis at the beginning giving you a run down of where things stand and who the important characters are.

Lastly, this comic paces itself far differently than most. Some might call it slow, but in reality it is the same pace as a late 70’s political thriller. It has action and blood to be sure, but this is a very methodical, political title. Tom Clancy fans should love this title as it feels like one of his books, especially the Jack Ryan books.

Just as a heads up this title does use language and blood, so while it is not “kid friendly” it is also not the type of comic normal kids will want to read, given the political thriller style to begin with.

The Story Within

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This title focuses in on one of the 16 ruling world families, the Carlyles. The main Carlyle of interest if not power, is Forever, the family’s genetically modified clone and weapon. She is the seventh of her line. A good comparison would be the original Snake-eyes from GI Joe.

The other two Carlyle’s of interest are Johanna and Beth. Johanna is the current leader of the family, while Beth is the head of the Lazarus project. Johanna secretly sympathizes with Forever and wants to free her from the drugs and mind control.

This issue sets the world very well. It is basically a counter play against a house and traitor that just attempted to make a play on House Carlyle. It does a great job showcasing Forever’s abilities. While plenty are killed, the end of the confrontation also shows the political maneuverings involved when dealing with the other houses.

Family Dynamics

The second half of this issue shows us the inner workings of the family and what Beth and her science team are like, as well as what the clone fighters are put through. It demonstrates the mafia style or political nature of the Carlyle family. It isn’t about emotion or blood as it is about power and name quality.

If you are a political thriller lover and don’t mind quarterly releases, you are really going to like this book. The story is very well done and the art, while not the greatest on its own, is perfect for this type of storytelling. Pick it up, flip through it and see what you think.