The Mandalorian will be the first, live-action series in Star Wars history. Understandably, there’s a lot of pressure on show producer Jon Favreau to get it right. That’s especially true considering the gargantuan, $100 million budget Disney has bestowed on the project. Favreau has been tight-lipped when it comes to project details so naturally fans are clamoring for more information. We’ll finally learn more at Star Wars Celebration, as there will be a Mandalorian panel at the event. Here are three things we want to learn/take away from experience.

3.  Details about Disney+

Mandalorian Panel
The Mandalorian and Cassian Andor are coming to Disney+… but when?

The Mandalorian will be a sort of flagship series for Disney’s new streaming platform, Disney+. However, we know next to nothing about the service, its cost, or when it will even debut. I will be difficult to have meaningful discussion at the Mandalorian panel without providing fans information about the service on which it will appear. We expect to learn when Disney+ will launch. Likewise, we’ll likely learn when the show, rumored to have wrapped production, will air its pilot episode. While it’s expected to begin likely this fall, hopefully we’ll learn for certain at Celebration.