2.  Dave Filoni’s Future?

Mandalorian panel
Dave Filoni with Jon Favreau and George Lucas on the set of The Mandalorian.
(Image: Jon Favreau/Instagram)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, though an animated series, is often held in the same regard if not higher than some of the feature films. Fans have practically been begging for Dave Filoni to parlay his writing and directorial talent to live-action Star Wars. That call grew even louder in the wake of The Last Jedi. Well, Favreau answered that call. Filoni directed the Mandalorian’s pilot episode. As Filoni will be a member of the Mandalorian panel, look for him to discuss his experience directing live-action. His future with the live-action franchise is also sure to be a topic of discussion. Will he answer the question of whether he’ll continue on in that vein? Here’s hoping.

And the number one thing we want to take away from the Mandalorian panel….