Star Wars Celebration is coming up fast. With so much on the Star Wars horizon, there’s bound to be a cornucopia of information available to fans at the event. The long-awaited Star Wars: Episode IX trailer will likely debut, as well as some first footage from The Mandalorian. However, the Internet has been awash with rumor and speculation about a slew of new series coming to Disney+, as well. Included among those, it seems, will be a show featuring Return of the Jedi’s Ewoks.

Murder bears! (Image: Lucasfilm)

Yes, it seems Star Wars might be returning to Endor. Moviehole, citing a “reputable insider”, tells us that Disney is indeed considering a series featuring the Star Wars saga’s own little murder bears. Because they’re cute and fluffy, expect any series featuring Ewoks to be geared towards the young padawans. While this may seem like a good idea to Lucasfilm and Disney execs (just think of the marketing!), I’m not convinced this is the right move.

Star Wars to Revive Ewoks with New Series on Disney+

Didn’t we try this already? (Image: ABC)

Keep in mind – Return of the Jedi debuted in 1983… thirty-six years ago. It’s one thing to strike on the characters’ popularity while the proverbial iron is still hot. However, unless parents of my age expose them to the original trilogy, this generation of young fans has no familiarity with Ewoks at all. It was all well and good to run television productions in the immediate wake of ROTJ (Caravan of Courage, an Ewok Adventure; Ewoks: Battle for Endor, in 1984 and 1985, respectively). But over three decades later?

I suppose they’re not even considering the familiarity factor, and are just looking to introduce old characters to new, young fans. It’s a risky endeavor, for sure – Not too many of my Star Wars generation cared for Ewoks the first time around.  I can’t say they’d be too inclined to watch an entire series about them with their children now.

Do you remember The Battle for Endor? (Image: ABC)

Then again, the Ewoks were instrumental in bringing down the second Death Star. Maybe if they show them taking out the remaining Imperial troops on Endor… Wait! Better yet, murderous zombie Ewoks! Now that I might watch.

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Source: Moviehole