Star Wars Celebration will take place a little over a month and a half from now. As it approaches, fans are focusing on two topics: Star Wars: Episode IX, and what Disney+ will have to offer with respect to Star Wars. At this point it seems a foregone conclusion that we won’t see any Episode IX footage until April. However, when it comes to Star Wars series on Disney+, more information seems to be coming to us daily.

Star Wars Series

Disney and Lucasfilm have already confirmed two, live-action Star Wars series for the Disney streaming platform. One, The Mandalorian, will debut later this year. The other, a Rogue One spinoff focusing on Cassian Andor, begins production in October. Rumors have been flying recently, though, with respect to a slew of other, potential Star Wars series hitting the service. It seems one of them has begun production.

Third Star Wars Series Begins Production

While we don’t know which Star Wars series it will be, Fantha Tracks informs us that Lucasfilm has set up a new production company for the show. Reportedly slated to film in the UK (likely at Pinewood Studios), the new Star Wars series will operate under the production company Series III Productions (UK) Limited. Interestingly, Kathleen Kennedy & co. set the entity up last October.

That may not mean much to the casual observer. Movie studios routinely set up subsidiary production companies. What makes this significant is the fact that Disney and Lucasfilm were already planning a third Star Wars series for Disney+ back when The Mandalorian was just beginning production.

Star Wars Series
Image: Annie Liebowitz/Vanity Fair

Recent stories have told us the studio is kicking around ideas of a Poe/Finn team-up and a Lando/Qi’ra serial. They are even considering a six-part Obi-Wan Kenobi series and biopic featuring a young Princess Leia. Which of these Star Wars series (if “Series III” is any of these) is beginning production is anyone’s guess.

The fact that there is a third Star Wars series in the works is good news for Star Wars fans in any event. The franchise will need a fresh start when Episode IX closes out the Skywalker saga this December.  

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Source: Fantha Tracks