When Disney fired James Gunn last July, for tweets he made years ago, it caused a firestorm among fans and cast members alike. The tweets were unacceptable to say the least, but they were many years ago. Why would it become a factor now? It appears to have been a time of knee jerk reactions. While no one supported the tweets, few felt the firing was justified.

Prodigal Son James Gunn Returns

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It now appears James Gunn will be returning to the House of Mouse. He will helm the final chapter in the Guardians saga, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 after all,according to Deadline. Rumor has been bouncing around for a few months about the script for Guardians 3. The version changed hands a couple times, but recently rumor had it that the studio would still use the James Gunn script for the next movie.

This didn’t make much sense. Why would you use a fired director’s script and exile the director. Walt Disney Studios president Alan Horn said they’d actually made that decision some time ago. President Horn stated he was impressed with not only Gunn’s apology, but the way he composed himself going forward. Dave Bautista should be happy. Gunn himself is ecstatic, offering this by way of reaction on Twitter:

First, DC vs Marvel; Now DC AND Marvel??

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The thing that makes this even more interesting is that during his hiatus from Disney, Gunn signed on to direct the next Suicide Squad. We have been hearing about replacement actors and new characters, so it appears Suicide Squad is still a go.

Actors going back and forth between the two comic giants happens all the time. However, this will be the first director to make a movie for both houses. Another interesting tidbit for now is that both Guardians 3 and Suicide 2 are currently slated for the same year of 2020.

Which Comes First?

No doubt one will have to come first. Given Suicide Squad has been rolling forward, odds would favor SS coming out first, but Disney has pushing power. Although Marvel President Kevin Feige has yet to officially announce any coming movies. He likely won’t until after Spiderman: Far From Home is released. Disney has plenty sequels to get out to fill the time. If future MCU movies are headed to space, though, Guardians may be needed to pave the way.

Other than the aging cast, Guardians has plenty of time to be release; However, if Gunn doesn’t overlap production of the two, Guardians 3 may be a good 5-7 years out. Should be interesting to watch this race unfold.

Source: Deadline