Conner (James Napier)

#3 Conner
In the season that brought back the dinosaur theme since MMPR Conner was chosen to be the newest Red Ranger in the 12th season. Conner made was a decent leader for the team of three, he was outshined by his mentor Tommy. It didn’t help that three episodes after Conner became the Red Ranger in Day of the Dino pt2, his mentor became the Black Ranger. Even when Conner started to get some traction as a leader it was too late. Fans already knew who was the true captain of the Dino Thunder team.

Andros (Christopher Khayman Lee)

#3 Andros
When the turbo Rangers went to space in search of their old mentor. When they arrived on the Astro Megaship, they were greeted by Andros. Although Andros wears the Red he was never the real leader of the Space Rangers. He was too much of a lone wolf, instead, the honor of leader went to TJ who was the leader of the team when they were the Turbo Rangers.

Honor Mentions: Aurico from the Alien Rangers. Delphine lead the Alien Rangers and Nick from Mystic Force, Xander was more fit to be the leader of the Mystic Force team.