After over two decades, Power Rangers has given fans given us a ton of Red Rangers. These crimson warriors are usually noted to be the leader of the team, but what if I told you not all Reds lead their teams into battle. How about we count down the time five Red Rangers that weren’t the leader of their teams.

Rocky (Steve Cardenas)

#5 Rocky
In the original MMPR series when Jason left, his powers were passed on to the Stone Canyon martial artist Rocky DeSantos. Although he wore the Red Ranger suit proudly, Rocky never had the chance to command his team do to the fact that Tommy was already leading the team. Even before Rocky, Jason was already put in the passenger seat once Tommy came in as the white Ranger.

Cole (Ricardo Medina Jr)

#4 Cole
In Power Rangers Wild Force, Cole Evans comes to Turtle Cove to find and reunite with his parents. Upon his arrival, he is encountered by an already established Team that was being led by Taylor. Although Cole was chosen by the Red Lion to be the leader of the team, Cole was really more of a passenger of his team and Taylor was the true leader of the Wild Force Team.