On the surface, Netflix’s original movie, Purple Hearts looks like your typical enemies to lovers/fake relationship to a real relationship love story. While it has those elements, the film is about so much more.

Purple Hearts introduces us to Cassie (Sofia Carson). She’s a struggling musician who also suffers from Type 1 Diabetes. She has basic health insurance to help her cover some of the cost of her insulin, which she cannot live without. Seriously, she will die. However, it’s not good enough insurance to cover as much as she needs to live off of. 

We also meet Luke (Nicholas Gilitzine). A troubled kid who joins the military to run away from his addict’s past and prove himself to his father. After meeting at a bar one not, Luke did not make the best impression. Turns out he’s bunk mates with a kid she use to babysit who has turned into a Marine (Chosen Jacobs). Cassie asks the kid if he would commit a felony and marry her so she could have his killer Vet Health Benefits. Luke interferes saying no, but in a turn of events  Luke ends up being the one to accept the proposal. 


Purple Hearts is wrapped in Americana, from the discussions about our failing healthcare system to the political divide in our country, even illegal immigration, and so much more. Cassie and Luke couldn’t be more different, but somehow, through letters and trauma, they reach each other creating a real connection.

Sofia Carson (Descendents) and Nicholas Gilitzine (Cinderella) are fantastic together. Their chemistry jumps right off the screen making you fall in love with them so much that you’re willing to go on this tumultuous journey with them. 

My biggest issues are the music. While I understand Cassie is a struggling musician the original songs aren’t my vibe. Carson has a lovely voice. However, these particular songs would’ve done better with a different artist. I also think the runtime is way too long. Purple Hearts comes in at around 2 hours. If the film had been a solid 90-100 minutes I think that would have helped.

Purple Hearts comes to Netflix on July 29th, 2022! Check it out.