In 2014, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment made headlines with the announcement that Dwayne Johnson had signed on to star as the titular character in a solo Black Adam film. Nearly four and a half years later, we’ve still yet to see Johnson suit up as the DC Comics antihero, with the studio passing on what seemed like sure fire appearance in Shazam, but it seems that things might be looking up on that front.

Late last month, scribe Adam Szytkiel, who was brought on by New Line back in 2017 to pen the Johnson vehicle, turned in an updated draft of the script which is sure to please fans of DC Comics. Szytkiel’s script seems to be taking some cues from Geoff Johns’ early 2000’s work with the character and sets up a battle of heavyweights as it pits Hawkman against the protector of Khandaq!

The studio will be looking to cast an actor, 30-39, to take on the role of Carter Hall with an emphasis on landing someone the audience can believe could go toe-to-toe with the Brahma Bull!

The script also features Adam’s fellow JSA members Atom Smasher and Stargirl, the two of whom have often been depicted to be in a relationship in the comics. The studio will be searching for talent, 20-29, to play the duo.

While plot details are being kept under wraps, the addition of Hawkman to the film could certainly indicate that the studios is at least entertaining the thought of pushing the envelope on the amount of violence we’ll be seeing on screen. In a 2018 interview, producer Hiram Garcia stated that the film was not going to be “softened up” for audiences and the inclusion of Hawkman would seem to indicate that they’re standing by that claim.

Black Adam is tentatively set for a March 2020 start of production and is currently searching for a director. Stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for more on this project and other DC Entertainment news!